STEPS for MSU Students

The assessments in STEPS are associated with specific courses, and students will be notified by their instructor if they have assignments to upload to STEPS. Teacher Candidates will be completing surveys and self-evaluations in STEPS. The MSU STEPS Coordinator will notify them by their MSU email when those assessments/surveys are available.

STEPS Directions

STEPS Deadlines (Assessment Matrix)

Assessment Matrix-Spring 2014 (What is due and when?)

MAT Assessment Matrix-Spring 2014 (What is due for MAT students, and when?)

Remember, you will NOT be able to log in, create your account, or access STEPS until you receive an email notice from the MSU STEPS Coordinator notifying you that the evaluations are ready for you to complete.

STEPS Assistance

Travis Marler, MSU STEPS Coordinator
College of Education, Hill Hall