Student Teaching Assessments

Assessment Matrix

Below you will find a link to the Student Teaching Assessment Matrix which lists assessments and relevant dates. Please check this site for changes and updates to the Assessment Matrix.

  • Assessment Matrix-Fall 2013 (What is due and when?)
  • MAT Assessment Matrix-Fall 2013 (What is due for MAT students, and when?)


Students' Directions for Using STEPS

STEPS Directions for Uploading Required Work (TWS, Lesson Plans, etc.)

Student Teacher Evaluations

Student Teaching Evaluations - Here students will find pdf copies of the various Student Teaching evaluations that are completed in STEPS. Students should print or download a copy of their program's Specialty Addendum and the Student Teaching Final Evaluation for their files and for their Cooperating Teacher.

Specialty Addendum Completed by Teacher Candidates as a Self-Evaluation

The first assessment is the mid-block self-evaluation (Specialty Addendum) and is due at the end of the first four weeks of student teaching. This is the same evaluation that your cooperating teacher and university supervisor will complete.

This self-evaluation gives you the opportunity to do a self-reflection then discuss with your Cooperating Teacher and University Supervisor what you have determined to be your areas of strengths and weaknesses. Comparing notes with the Cooperating Teacher and University Supervisor will assist you in making improvements before your course instructors submit your final evaluations.

Please make sure the Specialty Addendum you complete is for the specialty area of your teaching experience (i.e., agriculture, math, elementary, etc.). If the wrong evaluation is associated in STEPS, please contact your MSU Steps Coordinator (Travis Marler).

STEPS Assistance

Travis Marler, MSU STEPS Coordinator
College of Education, Hill Hall