Orientation and Mobility Emphasis

O&M Summer 2013

Our orientation and mobility emphasis area is for students who want to work with individuals with blindness or low vision. This includes teaching individuals from birth to adulthood who have vision loss. Upon completion of coursework, orientation and mobility students are prepared to take and pass the ACVREP International Certification exam in orientation and mobility.

This master's degree emphasis requires the following 27 hours of coursework in addition to core classes totaling 36 hours:

Program requirements

Required Course work in addition to the core:
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
SPE 605* Braille Reading and Writing I 3 hrs
SPE 606* Principles of Orientation and Mobility 2 hrs
SPE 607* Services and Diversity in Blindness and Low Vision and Additional Disabilities 2 hrs
SPE 608* Low Vision, Anatomy, and Physiology of the Eye 3 hrs
SPE 712 Instructional Techniques and Strategies of Orientation and Mobility 6 hrs
SPE 714* Professional Issues and Assessment Related to Orientation and Mobility with Diverse Populations 2 hrs
SPE 730 Health, Functional, and Psychosocial Aspects of Disabilities 2 hrs
SPE 760 Internship in Orientation and Mobility 3 hrs
  To Total 32 hours

* Offered via internet or alternative delivery system based on availability.