Blindness and Low Vision Emphasis

The blindness and low vision (B&LV) emphasis is designed to provide intensive research based instruction in regard to assessment and programming for individuals identified with blindness or low vision. Coursework will emphasize Braille instruction, as well as the use of varied technology options to support individuals with Blindness or Low Vision across multiple environments. Our courses are offered online to support broad delivery, and is fully accredited by the  National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

For more information about the B&LV emphasis area, contact Shari Scott Program Coordinator.

For details regarding the MSED Comprehensive Examination in the Blindness and Low vision Program and Orientation & Mobility Program, see this link:

Download Blindness and Low Vision Research Requirements

In addition to the core classes, the following 30 hours of coursework are required (Totaling 39 hours):

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
SPE 605* Braille Reading and Writing I 3 hrs
SPE 606* Principles of Orientation and Mobility 2 hrs
SPE 607* Services and Diversity in Blindness and Low Vision and Additional Disabilities 2 hrs
SPE 608* Low Vision, Anatomy, and Physiology of the Eye 3 hrs
SPE 709* Methods of Teaching Students with Blindness or Low Vision and Multiple Disabilities 3  hrs
SPE 711* Braille Reading and Writing II         3 hrs
SPE 730* Health, Functional, and Psychosocial Aspects of Disabilities 2 hrs
SPE 733* Methods of Teaching Independent Living Skills to Persons with Blindness or Low Vision 3 hrs
SPE 750* Practicum: Blindness and Low Vision 3 hrs
SPE 779* Application of Technology In Special Education 3 hrs
SPE 783* Advanced Assessment to Support Individuals with Developmental & Sensory Disabilities 3 hrs
  Total BLV Course Hours 30 hours
  Total Program Hours - 30 BLV Courses + 9 Core Courses 39 hours

NOTE:  Additional course work may be required based on the candidate’s previous qualifications and previous certifications.

* Offered via internet.