Accelerated Master's in Special Education, Autism Spectrum Disorder Emphasis

Why choose an accelerated option?

It shortens the time to earn your master’s degree. Earn graduate credit as you complete your bachelor’s degree.

How it works

Up to 12 hours of credit will count toward both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

If you meet admission requirements, you’ll start your graduate studies in special education during your junior year.

You’ll finish your bachelor’s degree as your working toward your master’s degree.

Get two degrees, sooner. Save time and money.

Accelerated option admission requirements
  1. Junior standing, with an overall GPA of 3.00 or better
  2. Admission to teacher education program
  3. Completion of SPE 515 with a B or higher
  4. Acceptance of the applicant by the ASD graduate faculty in special education under the accelerated masters option
Accelerated option mixed credit course options

If accepted into the accelerated program, up to 12 hours of coursework may apply to both the undergraduate and graduate degrees, including, but not limited to:

  • SPE 617* Direct Instruction in Reading and Language Arts
  • SPE 618 Application of Applied Behavior Analysis and Interventions in Applied Settings
  • SPE 619* Methods I: Cognitive and Behavioral Teaching Approaches for Exceptional Learners
  • SPE 621* Methods II: Functional Living Skills and Health Issues
  • SPE 625 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • SPE 779* Application of Technology in Special Education (would be designated as an elective for BSEd)

*Courses marked with asterisk (*) would be designated as an elective for MSEd: SPE-ASD.

If accepted into the accelerated program, students may also request permission to enroll in the following courses as Senior Permission to facilitate completion of the master's degree for students who wish to stay at MSU to finish the MSED degree.  Please note that Senior Permission courses are not eligible for Financial Aid.