Start-Up Policy for New Faculty

The dean, College of Education may provide funding for new faculty to help off-set costs associated with moving, travel and other necessary expenses in accordance with University and College policy. All requests for reimbursement must be approved by the appropriate department head prior to being submitted to the COE dean for consideration. Any combination of the following allowable expenses may be requested; however, the total amount may not exceed $7,500:

  1. Moving expenses, not to exceed $5,000.
  2. Travel and hotel expenses incurred for an additional trip to Springfield to search for housing. Only travel expenses for the new faculty member will be reimbursed and may not exceed $1,500.
  3. Travel to one or more national/international conference to present research that has been peer reviewed by the organization. The maximum amount of professional travel cannot exceed $1,500.
  4. Office furniture beyond what is normally provided by the department or college to accommodate a special need associated with teaching or research not to exceed $500.
  5. Hardware/software related to teaching/research needs beyond what is normally provided by the department or college not to exceed $1,000.

All requests for Start-Up Funds must be submitted in writing to the department head. No request received after the first six months of employment will be considered. According to University policy, all items purchased with New Faculty Start-Up Funds remain the property of MSU and remain at the University when the faculty member’s employment ends. All travel must follow department, College and University policies.

9/5/2018 Approved by Faculty Advisory Council

9/27/2018 Approved by Leadership Council

Click below for COE New Faculty - Request for Start-up Funds fillable form:
 New Faculty Request for Start-up Funds Fillable Form 8-21-2023