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(revised 9/26/2017)

Leadership Council

The COE Leadership Council (LC) is comprised of administrators from each academic and service unit in the college, and/or their designees. This includes the Heads of Counseling, Leadership and Special Education, Childhood Education and Family Studies, Reading, Foundations and Technology, the Greenwood Lab School, and each auxiliary unit. The COE LC is advisory to the Dean, seeks and provides input from their faculty and staff constituencies, and collaborates as needed for decision-making. The LC also reviews and discusses information from the Provost’s Academic Leadership Council (comprised of all college Deans, Provost Office staff, and Faculty Senate leadership), and disseminates this to their respective unit faculty members and staff.

Membership: Unit administrators from each academic and service unit in the college—CLSE, CEFS, RFT, GLS, ATLL, Secondary Education, Dean and Associate Deans. Faculty and staff may be invited by the Dean, Associate Deans, or Department Heads to attend, as well.

  • David Hough
  • Russ Brock
  • Denise Cunningham
  • Kimberly Dubree
  • Janice Duncan
  • Karen Engler
  • Judy Gregg
  • Deanna Hallgren
  • Stephen Kleinsmith
  • Dennis Lancaster
  • Shirley Lawler
  • Travis Marler
  • Juli Panza
  • James Satterfield
  • Emmett Sawyer
  • Zimena Uribe-Zarain

Faculty Advisory Council

Meetings are held monthly August through May. FAC provides advice to the Dean pertaining to college policies, curricular matters, and other issues which impact COE. The FAC reviews faculty proposals for funding through the Dean’s Faculty Research Fund. It also reviews faculty Sabbatical applications, and recommends selections to the Dean. FAC members are responsible for disseminating pertinent information pertaining to these meetings to, and receiving feedback from, colleagues within their respective departments and units.


The Dean’s Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) is comprised of faculty elected from each of the academic departments and/or programs. Greenwood Laboratory School and Staff appointed by the Dean. Department and/or program representatives serve two-year terms, staggered by academic school years. Members may succeed themselves one time. Each department may elect as many representatives as the number of programs housed therein; however, those representatives do not necessarily have to be from different programs.

  • Dean
    • David Hough, Dean
  • CLSE
    • Leslie Anderson, (COU), 2018-2020
    • Megan Boyle, (SPE), 2018-2020
    • Michele Smith, (SAHE), 2015-2019
    • Paul Ajuwon, (SPE), 2015-2019
  • CEFS
    • Sarah Jean Baker, (ECE), 2018-2020
    • Tammi Davis, (ELE), 2017-2019
    • Kim Roam, (CFD), 2018-2020
    • Debra Price, (FCS), 2015-2020
  • RFT
    • Tuesda Roberts, (FND), 2017-2019
    • Pam Correll, (LIT), 2018-2020
    • Jamie Atkinson, (FND), 2018-2020
    • Kayla Lewis, (RDG), 2017-2019
  • GLS
    • Jeni Hopkins, 2017-2019

Community Advisory Council

The Dean’s Community Advisory Council (CAC) meets twice a year, generally in September and February. The CAC is comprised of a wide range of community stakeholders including area business professionals, state legislators, alumni, and other persons representing diverse private and public agencies from southwest Missouri and around the State. Members are invited by the Dean and may serve as long as actually agreed upon. The CAC’s deliberations are key to college operations and provide one important mechanism through which the efficacy and design of professional education programs within COE are assessed.

College Council

The College of Education's College Council includes one faculty representative from each of the College's academic departments and a representative from Greenwood Lab School. The Dean of the College of Education or his designee serves as an ex-officio member of the council. The College Council reviews submitted undergraduate curriculum proposals and votes to approve or disapprove the proposals.


One representative from each department. Members serve two-year staggered terms.

  • CEFS
    • Sabrina Brinson, 2017-2019
  • GLS
    • Becky Crowder, Chair 2015-2019
  • CLSE
    • Paris DePaepe, 2018-2020
  • RFT
    • Pam Correll, 2018-2020
  • COE
    • Sharon Lopinot, Exec. Asst. II
  • Ex-Officio
    • Dr. David Hough, Dean

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