Adjunct (Per Course) Faculty Policy

The College of Education and its academic departments may hire qualified per course faculty to teach up to 12 credit hours in a rotating calendar year as funds allow.

The rate of pay for per course is as follows:

Highest Degree Pay Range
Masters $815 per credit hour
Specialist $915 per credit hour
Doctorate $1015 per credit hour
Not to exceed $1200 per credit hour

Per course faculty may receive higher than the minimum starting pay based on a combination of education level, years of teaching experience, years of "real life" experience, emeritus status, etc. All payment amounts are subject to prior approval by the COE Dean before any negotiations with perspective per course faculty can take place.

An increase in pay can be considered after two consecutive semesters of teaching within the COE and two positive reviews.

4/14/2021 Approved by Faculty Advisory Council

4/15/2021 Approved by Leadership Council