Extra Compensation Policy

When funds are available to provide extra compensation for faculty beyond University policy governing same, the College Dean may use funds from Indirect Recovery and/or Program Support to pay employees for performing work above and beyond what is normally expected.

Faculty serving as program coordinators, directors, fellows, or other equivalent roles may negotiate with department heads for 1 sch, 2 sch, or 3 sch of reassigned time OR extra compensation based on the amount of work to be performed during fall and spring semesters. The rate of pay will be equal to the per course rate in effect at the time for individuals holding a Doctorate, Specialist, or Masters degree.

Each coordinator/director /fellow will write a job description to be approved by the Department Head or Dean. Job descriptions will be updated at the end of each semester or as needed during annual faculty reviews. These evaluations will be between the faculty member and the Department Head or Dean. Department Heads will make recommendations to the College Dean for stipends or reassigned time on a semester-by-semester basis.