Student Travel Policy


When funds are available, academic departments and the Dean’s Office may provide support for undergraduate and graduate student travel. If the request is for department support, each academic unit may develop and follow its own procedures.  If the request is for College support, the following policy will apply:

To be eligible for College support, students must present peer reviewed scholarly / research papers to professional organizations at the local, state, regional, national, or international level.  Students must be sponsored by a faculty member who agrees to oversee the student’s work and travel. Applications for student travel support should be made by individual students to the faculty member who will then present the request to the department head for endorsement before submitting the request to the College.  Funds to support student travel will come from the Program Support budget and will not exceed $400 per student per trip.

If the student travel request is for graduate students, application must first be made to the Graduate College.

Download COE Student Travel Request Form