Summer Research Support Policy For New Faculty

Research Plan Due to Dean on May 31st

The College of Education at Missouri State University is committed to supporting new faculty members with an initial, one-time opportunity to focus time on research endeavors. A documented, on-going research agenda that results in publications vetted by peers is an important requirement for promotion and tenure and enhances the learning environment for students. The COE Research Start-Up Support fund will provide a $6,000 summer stipend during a new faculty member’s first academic year of service* for faculty who are in tenure-track, 9-month appointments.  Faculty will receive a $3,000 stipend at the end of July and an additional $3,000 stipend following the receipt of an acceptable report, which will be due before September 15th.  

*Note: New tenure track faculty members can be granted this support either for the summer before their first year of employment or the summer after their first year, upon approval by the Dean, COE.


  1. Applicants must complete two full academic years after receiving the Summer Research Start-Up Support.
  2. Eligible faculty must complete this application and submit it to the Dean’s office by the deadline. The application must be approved by the department head, as well. 
  3. Applicants in a tenure-track, 9-month appointment are expected to devote full time effort during the eight week summer session to their approved project. 
  4. Applicants may use the Summer Research Start-Up Support either to establish a research agenda for further an already established one.  
  5. Applicants may apply for other grants to support research expenses.  Faculty who are receiving other salary support for the summer are not eligible for the COE Summer Research Start-Up Support.   
  6. Research funded through the COE Summer Research Start-Up Support is subject to Missouri State University policies for integrity in research and researchers must abide by the policies that are set forth by the Office of Research Administration ( and the Institutional Review Board.
  7. All applicants who receive support must complete a report and submit same at the conclusion of their project to the COE Dean’s Office no later than September 15th.  This report will include:
    1. abstract
    2. research question(s) / hypothesis / hypotheses 
    3. review of literature 
    4. design and methods 
    5. findings, results and conclusions or discussion
    6. a plan for future development of the research project, including specific external funding opportunities for future support, publication plans and plans for further development of this research line.

Research Plan Application Format

  1. Research plans must include the following:
    1. Cover Page – include name, department, & project title; indicate if the project has to be cleared through the IRB. If so, provide a copy of the Human Subjects Review Form, IRB application, and/or IRB approval letter.
    2. An abstract (no more than 1,000 words)
    3. Summary (no longer than 2 pages) - a brief explanation about the purpose of the project and the methodology that will be used
    4. Brief Description of how the research agenda will fit into an anticipated program of future research
    5. Detailed outline (1 page) stating how time will be spent on the research project
    6. Explanation of any additional funding available for this project.